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Thanks for the SOUP-er lunch, @freshiivictorypark and @dabbledallas⠀

During my lunch break today, I zipped over to Victory Park and redeemed one of my December Dabble deals for a quick and tasty lunch—chicken tortilla soup! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It was literally the ~easiest~ process: I opened my Dabble December email, clicked on the link for my soup redemption, and the Freshii employee just had me redeem the offer with a simple click. My soup was ready in 10 minutes and I was on my way back home.

This is just one of the several exclusive complimentary items that can be redeemed with this month’s package! Also at Freshii you can redeem some energy bites, which I look forward to trying soon!

If you haven’t been, Freshii is a fast casual restaurant that has several locations. The Victory Park venue is pristine and has a fresh (pun intended) aesthetic. They serve up wholesome and hearty meals, snacks, smoothies, and more!

This time, I ordered the chicken tortilla soup which is a loaded soup full of grilled chicken, corn, black beans, rice, kale, and more! It was super tasty—though not spicy. The serving is quite large and even comes with some tortilla chips for all my texture people out there!

If you missed out on the December package, that’s alright! Because, Dabble has some really exciting partnerships coming at ya in the New Year! Be on the lookout for more information soon! 

Cheyenne Allgood, Dallas Dabbler

@phuoody Holy guacamole!🤩Thanks to my Dabble subscription, I was able to order this Pulled Pork Nachos ($16) from @herobyhg for free! Their nachos are LOADED with toppings and could easily portion for 4 people (aka the perfect appetizer for your friend group) 

If you’re aways looking for the best food + drinks deal around Dallas, this is for you! Dabble Dallas is a new subscription service where you can get complementary food and drinks (valued over $60+ a month) for only $12.99 a month! This deal is so worth because you literally get your money back after redeeming 1 drink or 1 appetizer!  Each month, they will feature 2-3 bars and restaurants in Dallas who will offer complimentary food and drinks to their subscribers. 

Here are the DECEMBER DEALS🥃 @herobyhg: 2 FREE DRINKS & 1 APPETIZER 🥗 @freshiivictorypark: FREE SOUP & BITES (Victory Park) 

Phuong Vu, Dallas Dabbler

@theskinnerondinner Let’s talk about SOUP ba-by!  With the temps dropping I knew I needed something warm, so I used my @dabbledallas subscription and headed on down to @freshiivictorypark to redeem my free tortilla soup! 

Not only is Freshii located in the cutest part of victory park, but they also have such a safe and clean enviornmemt. After all the Thanksgiving food I felt like I needed to choose some healthier options.  I am so thankful I was able to find this place thanks to @dabbledallas!! The soup was soo tasty and we received A LOT of it so truly getting our money’s worth! 🤩🤩🤩‼️

Freshii is just one of the @dabbledallas partners for this month!! You could get this soup and energii bites from Freshii and two drinks/ an appetizer of your choosing from hero by singing up to Dabble! That’s 60 bucks worth of goodness for less than half the price!! 

Kiaya Skinner, Dallas Dabbler


What kind of features come in the package?

The features that are highlighted in the package are complimentary food and drinks to our partnered restaurants. We try to feature items that are specific to that month (like a seasonal drink) or food items that the restaurant is known for. 

Are the restaurants in the package located throughout the entire DFW area?

We target the uptown and surrounding neighborhoods of Dallas. These include but are not limited to: Victory Park, Oak Lawn, Lower and Upper Greenville, Highland Park, University Park, Deep Ellum, Downtown. We want our service to be convenient and easily accessible to the majority of our Dabble members. 

Am I locked in to a membership once I sign up?

No! Memberships are month-to-month or you can pay in advance for a three month package. You can cancel anytime by logging in to your customer portal on the website.

Why should I sign up?

You want to know where to go, you just lack the time or don’t know how to find the hot local spots. Let us be your food and drink tour guide and gain exposure to all the places you have somehow missed.