How Oak’d BBQ is shaking up the Dallas BBQ scene

How Oak’d BBQ is shaking up the Dallas BBQ scene

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Texas BBQ? Meat, right? You’re not wrong! Fresh, juicy, and flavorful meat is at the core of every legendary BBQ spot in Texas. What’s often neglected by most BBQ restaurants is a commitment to perfecting their sides and desserts. This is where the newest BBQ spot on Greenville Avenue, Oak’d, enters the picture. 

Professionally trained chef Michael Lane and Clint Norton (whose family has been in the Texas BBQ business for years) had special plans for Oak’d when it opened in November 2020. Oak’d has perfected their locally-sourced waygu and prime brisket and Duroc pork meats - all smoked on one of the restaurant's three giant smokers. While barbecue is still the main focus, the menu also includes gourmet sides that you wouldn’t find anywhere else like apple cider coleslaw, balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, or quinoa with golden raisins, cucumbers and smoked almonds. The chicken wings are delicious with a smokey flavor that will have you making sure that you get every last piece of meat off the bone. 

Another quality that sets Oak’d apart from any BBQ spot in not just Dallas, but ALL of Texas, are their homemade desserts. All the desserts at Oak’d are made by an in-house pastry chef. Don’t miss their signature “Banoffe” – a banana cream pie with a layer of creamy toffee. Another favorite is 

the s’mores pie with a toasted marshmallow crust – complete with the marshmallows torched by a staff member right before your eyes. 

Oak’d has live music every Friday and Saturday night with an exciting lineup of events coming to the Dallas community this spring and summer. Wine tasting dinners kick off the first Tuesday of every month with wine pairings to go along with the meat. Oak’d will unveil their new brunch menu in April and will be served on Fridays through Sundays with exclusive items like their brisket breakfast bowls.

No detail is too small when it comes to delivering an outstanding experience for their guests. Oak’d has a completely different look and feel from other BBQ spots around town. The restaurant has an industrial design with hanging light fixtures and a large outdoor patio covered by two large oak trees. It’s an atmosphere of a local neighborhood BBQ spot where the pitmaster can remember your favorite cut of meat, and the bartender knows your name. You walk inside and you feel that this is more than just a restaurant, it's your own neighborhood BBQ spot. 

Dabble Recommendations: 

  • Frosty Ranch Water / El Jimador, Fresh Lime, Agave, Topo Chico 
  • Smoked Wings 
  • The Governor / chopped brisket sandwich with candied bacon sautéed chilies, onion ring nest, creole aioli 
  • Banoffe / Banana cream pie with a layer of toffee 

Check out the whole menu here. 

Oak’d BBQ 

5500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 1300, Dallas 

Phone: 214-242-8671 

Hours: Daily 11–9 

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